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FOCUS : Managing horse stress

30 March 2021

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The days of our horses are punctuated by many moments that can lead to more or less intense stress. Movements, crowds, noise, training, medical care, competitions, the farrier, changes in environment, etc. The list goes on because of their domestication. Their primary instinct dictating them to flee and survive, stress is therefore common among our friends the equines.

Every horse is different. Every anxiety is different. These moments can thus lead to really dangerous crises for your horse, for yourself and for anyone nearby. A panic attack can have serious consequences on the health of the animal: injuries, open wounds, tachycardia, intestinal disorders, gastric ulcers, colic, decreased attention, nervous tics … If it is a competition horse, this can seriously compromise its results and performance. It is therefore essential to identify these “risky” moments. And it’s up to owners and trainers to anticipate them in order to defuse stress in animals.

One of the first things that can be done is repetition to numb the animal. A situation experienced several times, in an environment without other stimuli, helps to accustom the horse gradually. In addition to this training, the animal should be supported throughout its life, by administering anti-stress products with targeted actions: relax the animal, reduce its anxiety and soothe its nervous system. Several solutions exist such as dietary supplements based on tryptophan or magnesium, equine pheromones, milk proteins, and herbal remedies based on relaxing plants. At Naturacheval, we are concerned about the health of your animals and we want to give them the best. We have selected plants with recognized soothing virtues and which have been proven, in order to support your horse as a basic or add-on treatment, while respecting it.

You can find our natural products for stress management below:

Liquid anti-stress: https://naturacheval.fr/produit/antistress-equin-liquide/

Anti-stress powder: https://naturacheval.fr/produit/antistress-equin-poudre/

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