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FOCUS: Joint pains

26 April 2022

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Without real scientific evidence, it is an established fact: cold and humidity can be restrictive for the organisms and more especially, the joints. In humans, as in horses.

It is therefore strongly advised to prevent these drops in temperature for horses prone to pain, and to act to limit them. Supplementing a horse's diet is often very useful and necessary in order to provide it with optimal nutrients to support its joints.

A little anatomy: the joints bring together two or more bones, these are covered with cartilage and are connected by ligaments. Between these two bones is the cavity filled with synovia. With each movement, the bones slide, one over the other. These joints are therefore stressed on a daily basis. And in some horses, joint pain may occur, fragility, sensitivity, osteoarthritis, etc.

Our ARTHRI’ CALM food supplement is composed exclusively of plants with naturally anti-inflammatory, remineralising, analgesic, draining and diuretic properties; including Harpagophytum, a powerful anti-inflammatory renowned in horse care!

ARTHRI’ CALME has been specially designed to help you prevent joint disorders, stimulate bone metabolism, improve the flexibility of horses and increase joint lubrication.

You will find more information on the product page: http://naturacheval.fr/produit/arthricalme-equin/
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