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FOCUS: Reminalization

26 April 2022

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Spring is here, the beautiful days drive away the cold and the rain, for our greatest happiness elsewhere. Rising temperatures increase sweating when horses work, which leads to a loss of mineral salts.

Our ACTIV' RECUP will help you compensate for this loss and restore the body's water-electrolyte balance: recovery will be accelerated, optimized and glycogen stocks will be restored.

And all this, thanks only to Mother Nature:

- ALFALFA: extremely rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and active ingredients, this legume has remineralizing, regenerating, toning, anti-stress, detox properties and more!
- NETTLE: with its high nutritional value, it is a treasure trove of remineralizing and anti-fatigue properties thanks to the high concentration of iron.
- BAMBOO: recognized for its remineralizing and antioxidant properties, it supports bones, cartilage, tendons, and promotes the assimilation of phosphorus.
- HORSETAIL: rich in silicon which stimulates the production of collagen, it plays an important role in the recovery and consolidation of bones and cartilage.
- CRUSHED OYSTER SHELLS: very rich in minerals including calcium, it has always been an excellent overall remineralising agent for the body.
- DANDELION: can be considered the most important plant in herbal medicine! Highly rich in minerals and vitamins, this plant has a long list of virtues including remineralizing properties.
- POLLEN: nutritionally very interesting, it is a powerful remineralising and energizing agent. It stimulates the muscles, fights fatigue, strengthens the immune system, helps digestion, etc. Non-exhaustive list.

Natural performance!

More information on our ACTIV’ RECUP which exist in liquid or powder format: https://naturacheval.fr/categorie-produit/remineralisant/
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