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26 April 2022

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Today, we are talking about the respiratory tract of our friends, the equines. It is important to be vigilant throughout the year, and especially in winter, when the cold and humidity weaken the respiratory system of horses.

Whether sport or leisure horses, the pathologies that we can encounter are diverse. They should therefore not be neglected, because the respiratory tract allows the oxygenation of the organs.

For this first focus on this subject, we focus on the most common consequence: cough. Cough is a symptom and not a disease in its own right. The origins can be multiple, viral or chronic, it is important to appease them

Our PULMON’AIDE is made up of plants with naturally antitussive, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties. Specially designed for horses, it is particularly recommended for:

- Calm horse cough
- Facilitate work in a humid, cold or dusty environment
- Improve breathing in the face of chronic problems
- Help recover from an infection
- Protect the respiratory system

Our PULMON’AIDE exists in two forms:
– SYRUP: https://naturacheval.fr/produit/394/
– VIALS TO INHALE: https://naturacheval.fr/produit/pulmonaide-equin/

For this second focus on this subject, we focus on the pulmonary hemorrhages and bleeding often encountered in the athletic horse. In this situation, it is the capillaries of the pulmonary alveoli that are affected causing blood to spill out of its compartment.

Our PULMON'AIR contains garlic and orthosiphon which are known for their diuretic virtues and which reduce blood pressure in the vessels. Our PULMON’AIR is also composed of dandelion which contributes to the resistance of the vessels and which helps to thin the blood.

- Helps clean the airways following hemorrhage
- Maintains capillary integrity
- Improves the elasticity and resistance of the vessels
- Reduces redness and swelling due to vasodilation of capillaries
- Fight against the pain conveyed

Our PULMON’AIR exists in liquid in a 250 ml bottle: https://naturacheval.fr/produit/pulmonair-equin/
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