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Spring is synonymous with putting horses out in the meadow. Excess ingestion of grass rich in energy and nitrogen can cause inflammation of the hoof and congestion of the foot: this is called laminitis. Do you know that it is the 2nd cause of death in horses? Watch for these symptoms (the most common): – […]

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FOCUS: Reminalization

Spring is here, the beautiful days drive away the cold and the rain, for our greatest happiness elsewhere. Rising temperatures increase sweating when horses work, which leads to a loss of mineral salts. Our ACTIV’ RECUP will help you compensate for this loss and restore the body’s water-electrolyte balance: recovery will be accelerated, optimized and […]

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Some products from our essential range for spring: – TAONS & FLIES REPUL Walks, outdoor work and competitions resume. Flies, ticks, gnats and horseflies are also there! Our spray with its adjustable head will allow you to repel these pests by neutralizing the odors that attract insects. More information: https://naturacheval.fr/produit/repul-taons-mouches/ – ACTIV’ RECUP Rising temperatures […]

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GENERAL CULTURE: The benefits of balneotherapy

The therapeutic use of water dates back to ancient times to treat injuries and illnesses. The benefits of water, hot or cold, are still used for therapeutic or relaxing purposes. And today, balneotherapy is transposed to horses. WHICH METHODS For horses, balneotherapy consists of several methods adapted to each situation: – the swimming pool: the […]

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GENERAL CULTURE: Esophageal obstruction

This term defines an obstruction of the esophagus due to an accumulation of food: the food does not descend into the stomach, becomes blocked and forms a plug. The horse’s esophagus bringing food and water from the mouth to the stomach is long, very long: between 1m25 and 1m50! Once down the entire neck, at […]

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FOCUS: Immune defenses

In winter, the immune defenses are called upon by all kinds of external aggressions: bacteria, viruses, epidemics in the horse’s environment. Exposure to cold and damp can weaken the immune system and make horses more susceptible to infection. At Naturacheval, our IMMUN’ACTIV has been designed to strengthen the immune defenses during this period. What is […]

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FOCUS: Joint pains

Without real scientific evidence, it is an established fact: cold and humidity can be restrictive for the organisms and more especially, the joints. In humans, as in horses. It is therefore strongly advised to prevent these drops in temperature for horses prone to pain, and to act to limit them. Supplementing a horse’s diet is […]

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Some products from our range necessary in winter: – DERMI’ CALM Mud fever is a common condition in winter, especially in horses living outdoors. This condition is caused by the bacterium Dermatophilus congolensis, which develops on the skin and at the base of the hairs. More information: https://naturacheval.fr/produit/dermicalme-equin/ – ARTHRI’ CALM The cold and rainy […]

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Today, we are talking about the respiratory tract of our friends, the equines. It is important to be vigilant throughout the year, and especially in winter, when the cold and humidity weaken the respiratory system of horses. Whether sport or leisure horses, the pathologies that we can encounter are diverse. They should therefore not be […]

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