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Bamboo powder

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Bamboo powder



Presented in powder form, this natural nutritional supplement is to be incorporated into the daily sations of horses.

Our bamboo is naturally and highly rich in silica. It is one of the most important compounds of connective tissue, essential for the fixation of calcium on the bones and the regeneration of collagen (main element of ligaments, tendons and cartilages).

Bamboo helps maintain bone health and stimulate the horse’s immune system.

Composition : 100% Bamboo Tabashir

Directions for use :  Mix with the ration, 50 g morning and evening for 10 days. For foals, ponies, donkeys, mix with the ration 25 g morning and evening for 20 days.

Precautions for use: The product is exclusively intented for weaned horses. Not suitable for pregnant or lactating females. Close well after use. Store in a cool and dry place. Afraid of humidity. Keep out of reach of children. Complementary food. This product does not contain prohibited natural food susbtances.

Product’s advantages:

PinClipart.com mold clip art 2206243  Promotes calcium binding to bones

PinClipart.com mold clip art 2206243  Helps in reconstructing a fractured bone

PinClipart.com mold clip art 2206243  Promotes cartilage regeneration

PinClipart.com mold clip art 2206243  Supports joints and prevents joint disorders

PinClipart.com mold clip art 2206243  Promotes bone remineralization and fights bone fragility

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