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  • REPUL TAONS & MOUCHES Naturacheval Liza
  • REPUL’ TAONS & MOUCHES Naturacheval 500ML

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Volume : 500 ML

Keeps unwanted insects away



Keeps unwanted insects away

  Helps repel harmful insects
  Neutralizes odors attracting insects
  Respect the comfort of the horse
  Acts on flies, ticks, horseflies, midges and flat flies




Presented as a natural spray, it protects your pony or horse from harmful insects such as flies, ticks, midges, horseflies and flat flies. Go for a ride, compete or work your horse in peace thanks to this long-lasting anti-fly solution. It has an adjustable head to best vaporize the target area.

Its 100% natural composition respects the well-being and comfort of the animal.

Product composition : Water, cedar wood hydrosol, mixture of essential oils including essential oil of lemongrass, clove, lavender, emulsifier.

Directions for use : External use. Shake well before use. Spray on areas exposed to insects, emphasizing the withers, neck, chest, croup, thighs and stifles. For sensitive areas (around the eyes and nose), it is recommended to use a sponge. Renew regularly in horses living outside.

Precautions for use : Keep away from heat and light. Keep out of reach of children. Do not spray on mucous membranes, eyes and genitals.

Product’s advantages :

PinClipart.com mold clip art 2206243     Repels nuisance insects such as flies, ticks, midges, horseflies, and flat flies

PinClipart.com mold clip art 2206243     Neutralizes odors that attract insects

PinClipart.com mold clip art 2206243     Respects the animal’s comfort with its 100% natural formula

PinClipart.com mold clip art 2206243     Equipped with an adjustable head allowing perfect vaporization of the target area

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