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“Apaise’ chaleurs” equine 1 l

  • Apaise chaleurs NATURACHEVAL 1l

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Volume : 1 L

“Apaise’ chaleurs” equine 1 l




Presented in liquid form, this natural food supplement allows the product to be administered directly into the mouth of the animal.

Calms Heat is intended for mares exhibiting restless behavior. It helps regulate hormonal cycles and alleviate ovarian pain. This food supplement for horses is particularly recommended for so-called “pissing” mares with difficult behavior: unstable character, aggressiveness, sensitivity to grooming, difficulties at work or even reluctance, ovarian colic.

Its use is also recommended for any stressed mare, cornering into the box, ticklish, stiff or prying the tail.

Product composition : EHA Chaste Tree, Sage, Yarrow, Roman Chamomile, Verbena, Angelica.

Directions for use : Oral use. Shake before use. To be administered during periods of heat, 50 ml per day.

Precautions for use : Close well after use. Keep away from heat and light. Keep out of the reach of children. This product does not contain prohibited natural food substances.

Product’s advantages : mold clip art 2206243     Soothes the hormonal cycle and reduces tension in associated muscles mold clip art 2206243     Regulates ovarian disorders mold clip art 2206243     Calms pain in the uterus and ovaries mold clip art 2206243     Limits side effects of hormonal changes mold clip art 2206243     Respects animal comfort thanks to its 100% natural formula

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