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Energy powder

  • Tonus poudre

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Energy powder




Presented in powder form, this natural nutritional supplement is to be incorporated into the daily rations of the equine.

Complementary feed recommended when the equine receives a traditional diet (fodder and cereals) or mixed (fodder, granules and cereals) in the event of special needs: fatigue, convalescence, change of season, growth spurt, etc.

Product composition : Mixture of plants cut into powder: Rose hip, Thyme, Fucus, Tribulus, Stinging nettle, Pollen, Maca, Fenugreek.

Directions for use : Mix in the ration 30 g morning and evening per day, for 15 days. To be renewed after a week’s break if necessary.

Precautions for use : The product is intended exclusively for weaned equines. Not suitable for pregnant or lactating females. Close well after use. Store in a cool dry place. Fears humidity. Keep out of the reach of children. Stop all treatment one week before the event according to FEI and racing society regulations.

Product’s advantages :

PinClipart.com mold clip art 2206243     Brings shape and vitality to sport horses, anemic, tired, recovering or having a lymphatic temperament

PinClipart.com mold clip art 2206243     Provides trace elements, vitamins and minerals necessary for the production of red blood cells

PinClipart.com mold clip art 2206243     Promotes protein synthesis and compensates for the destruction of proteins induced by physical exertion thanks to amino acids

PinClipart.com mold clip art 2206243     Nutritional support for effort in working horses

PinClipart.com mold clip art 2206243     Boosts immune defenses

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