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26 April 2022

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You asked for it so much, our BAMBOO is available on our online store. Naturally and highly rich in silicon, our BAMBOO is a “miracle” product, you say so.

Do you know the role of silica in the body? Fundamental ! It is one of the most important compounds of connective tissue, essential for the fixation of calcium on the bones and for the regeneration of the collagen present in the ligaments, tendons and cartilages.

In which situations should we use our BAMBOO? They are many :

- Help rebuild a fractured bone
- Promote cartilage regeneration
- Prevent joint disorders
- Supporting joints in athletic horses
- Promote the fixation of calcium on the bones
- Fight against bone fragility in older horses
- Support the body prone to stiffness
- Supporting growth in young horses

And that's not all... our BAMBOO also supports the cornea, intestinal mucous membranes and skin tissue! You have understood it: our BAMBOO is naturally a mine of virtues.

For more information, we invite you to browse the product sheet on our website: https://naturacheval.fr/produit/bambou/

See you soon
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